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Thinking about relocating to Idaho? Well you’re not alone. Idaho is one of the fastest growing states in the West. Maybe it’s because our residents enjoy four distinct seasons but yet the weather is moderate enough to allow an average of 325 golfing days a year. Or maybe it’s the low crime rate, low taxes, reasonable cost of living, abundant outdoor activities, or the commitment of corporations and individual citizens to preserving Boise’s quality of life. Whatever it is, we love it here and invite you to come visit to see for yourself why so many new people call Idaho home each year.

After graduating college from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), my wife and I moved to Boise, Idaho from El Paso, Texas in July of 1992. Since that time, we have had numerous opportunities to relocate to other parts of the country for various reasons but can honestly say that we love it here and are here to stay. Since relocating to Boise in 1992, I’ve had the opportunity to raise two beautiful girls here. We are all active in the sports, school, church, and most outdoor activities including hiking, rafting, boating, fishing, skiing and snowmobiling. I’ve had the privilege of traveling this great country from coast to coast, and from border to border, and I couldn’t imagine a better place to raise a family and start a business than here in beautiful Idaho.

Watch the short video below and see for yourself why Idaho is one of the fastest growing states in the West.

The Boise area is a great place to live, laugh, play, and work. The following links should give you a taste of the Idaho lifestyle. But these are only links and nothing actaullybeats being here. If you’re serious about relocating to the Boise area, I would personally like to invite you out for a short visit. We could take a half day and introduce you to some of our local neighborhoods, restaurants and bars. You will find most people here are educated, friendly, and actually like visiting with so-called “out of state-ers” (really they’re just bragging about how much they enjoy Idaho). I’ve actually had clients fly out to Boise and think that I spend a an enormous amount of time orchestrating their entire day, simply because people all over town were nice to them, some even opened the doors for the ladies in the group, and in some people actually bought a drink for them. In reality, I didn’t plan or do a single thing other than have the opportunity to introduce them to the Idaho lifestyle.

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