Boise, Idaho and it’s surrounding communities are great places to live – from its 4 distinct seasons to the numerous outdoor activities that are available to everyone. If you are new to the area or thinking about moving to the Boise area, check out the Boise Relocation page to get facts about living in the Boise area.

Want to learn more about the different communities close to Boise? We’ve provided a snapshot of each community within  40 minutes of Boise. Depending on whether you looking for a small rural community or a larger metropolitan city, the Boise valley has a community that’s right for you. Visit our Boise Area Information page.

If you’re a first time home buyer or just need more information about the home buying process, our First Time Home Buyer pages will get you up to speed with the 10 Easy Steps to Home Ownership. Learn more about how to get pre-approved for your first home loan, the home inspection process,  and other steps necessary to purchase your first dream home.

Plus, learn about how to qualify for low interest loans available for first time home buyers. No money for a down payment or closing costs? No problem. Let me help you find the right loan for you.

With home prices down, now is the perfect time to buy. With many foreclosed (REO’s) and short-sale properties (distressed) on the market, now may be the best time to buy an existing home. But what about that new home smell and knowing that you are the first to every occupy the home. There are distinct advantages to buying both new and existing homes and we are here to help you in either case. Visit our Buy New or Existing pages for more information.

Foreclosures, Short Sales, and REO’s – what’s the difference? This is a question that I get all the time. Many buyers and sellers in today’s market are seeing and hearing these terms everywhere, whether it is the Internet, newspaper, or TV news, these terms are out there and people are interested. Visit our Foreclosure, Short Sales, and REO’s page for the answer to this question and more information on the topic.

There are many decisions that accompany buying a new home. Once of first decisions should be to determine how much home you can afford, or how much you’re willing to spend. Before we tour homes, we strongly suggest that you get “pre-approved” for a loan. This not only saves us all valuable time by narrowing our search, but it also serves as a “reality check” for some people. If you get “pre-approved” for a house up to $200,000, my advice is not to tour houses that cost $300,000+. Doing so may lead to disappointment when you start touring houses back in the $200,000 range. For your convenience, we’ve included some basic Real Estate Calculators for you to get a rough idea of how much you can afford. These calculators should not replace getting “pre-approved” from a local lender. If you don’t all ready have a lender, please contact us and we’ll provide you with some recommendations. 

Whether you would like to search for homes yourself or would prefer a little assistance, this website provides the help you need. You can search the Boise area MLS to find homes that fit your search criteria. Or, if you prefer, contact me with your search criteria and I’ll do the work and email you a list of homes that meet your needs and wants.

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Once you’ve found that perfect home, here’s a list of the utility companies you’ll need to contact to sign up for service.

Check out our Buyer Tips page for our Top 5 Buyer Tips.