ABSENTEE OWNERS: How To Have A Quick and Easy Sale

Perhaps you are thinking the time to sell could be now or is at a time that could do with the date the tenants’ lease will expire. May I suggest contacting me at least 30-60 days prior to that time so I may obtain important information to have the property ready to market and sell with no lost days.

For owners that live out of the area.

If you need any maintenance to the property for preparation to sell, I can arrange services such as painting, cleaning, steam cleaning carpets and lawn service. Should your property need services such as hauling, fence repair, roofing, appliance replacement, carpet replacement I work closely with vendors who can provide any services your property may require in preparation for sale.

Perhaps you want to buy a rental property.

The letter that I frequently send to you, I mail to hundreds of absentee owners. Most will own one or two properties and some will own 10 to 20 or even more. These are investors who are increasing their inventory or selling or exchanging other investment property such as luxury duplexes or small apartments. Another great service I provide in marketing your house to sell is VIRTUAL HOME TOUR.

This is a series of video pictures of the interior of your house. The great advantage to you is prospective buyers for your house have a chance to see not only the exterior but the interior as well eliminating the casual looker with less disturbance to your tenant. Many agents ask the sellers to pay for the “Virtual Home Tour”, but I feel it is such a tremendous marketing tool, particularly for tenant occupied properties, that I pay for this myself.

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