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The Advantage of Getting Pre-approved

One of the best things you can do to ensure you get the home you want is to arrange for financing before you go shopping. This is often referred to as getting “pre-approved”. Getting pre-approved simply means that your lender has calculated how much of a mortgage they’re willing to offer you, depending on your […]

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Boise/Nampa, ID Makes “Best Buy Cities” List For The Second Straight Year

Forbes and Local Market Monitor teamed up once again to ascertain their ‘Best Buy Cities’ list for 2015. Data for 105 of the largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), each with a minimum population of 550,000, was examined to come up with their top 20 cities to invest in 2015. The MSAs who made the list […]

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The Benefits of a Pre-Sale Inspection

Your home probably has dozens of great features that are going to help it stand out and sell faster. Perhaps it has a cozy sunken living room? Or an equipped and smartly decorated kitchen that Rachel Ray would envy? Or a location in a desirable neighborhood? All these things will help. But there’s another selling […]

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Location, Location, Location

Does location REALLY matter? You find a beautiful home available on the market, but you’re not so sure about the location. Does it really matter all that much? Yes, it does. That’s why you’ll often hear REALTORS® say, “Location, location, location.” The location of a home you’re considering buying will affect you in two ways. […]

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